Logout from account management console

Hi all,
When the user logs out from the account management console, does anyone know why it’s been redirected to the same page, with the sign-in button, instead of to the ‘main’ login page form? Has anyone tried or found a way to override this?

For me, this flow does not have much sense, since you still see the pages like personal info, applications, etc, but when you click on one of them, then you’re redirected to the actual login page.

Hello redzi,

You have to use the couple referrer + redirect_uri parameters in your URL when you call the account page.

Begin by to try this.


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Thanks, @ulrich, I will look into it. Sorry for the late reply, I have been swamped these days. Still struggling with the same issues, plus a lot of additional ones, but I will update my post here when I make some progress.

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