Microprofile Health endpoints


According to https://github.com/keycloak/keycloak-community/blob/49576b0f393907e2bc5a202f3c1e8d5354ded937/design/observerability.md , health endpoints should be available in KC version 7.0.0 (based on Willfly 16+).

I’m running the official docker image and I get HTTP 404 error when trying http://localhost:9990/health or on port 8080 which is the one exposed in the docker image.

Did I missed something ?

You need to add an argument to make the management interface listen to another adress than

I tried with :

docker run -p8080:8080 -p9990:9990 quay.io/keycloak/keycloak:7.0.1 -Djboss.bind.address.management=

In the next version, you should be able to enable some statistics with the env variable KEYCLOAK_STATISTICS and this should open the interface directly.

(non intended bonus : KEYCLOAK_STATISTICS=on should open the interface to without enabling any statistics)

It works just fine.