MultiTenecy between the realms

Hi there,
I want to integrate 2 different realms with a single spring-boot application and want the user of second realm to have the access for first realm… and can I do this from the application,properties file.
Any help would be great

I wrote spring-boot resource-servers, each accepting identities issued by several Keycloak instances / realms. In those apps, security rules are based on users indentity (and roles and more). The access-token issuer is of little importance (as long as it is one of the configured “trusted” issuers).

For multi-tenancy, you should define a JwtIssuerAuthenticationManagerResolver (or ReactiveAuthenticationManagerResolver) in your web security conf. Sample here: spring-addons/ at ffefd695b1fc7f36cc7d74c071940b960047c159 · ch4mpy/spring-addons · GitHub

This sample is taken from a lib that makes it super easy to configure spring-boot OpenID resource-servers: configure your two identity providers from properties only like you requested. Sample there: spring-addons/samples/tutorials/resource-server_with_oauthentication at master · ch4mpy/spring-addons · GitHub