On Openshift, Server keeps crashing

Hello guys, sorry in advance as I am such a newbie and will need lots of help by the looks of it. So, the problem is, I have done exactly what I was told on documentation, server builds up nicely but when I try to create a realm, it just gives and Error: “error! An unexpected server error has occurred” most of the time. Sometimes I do not get this error and move along, but that error happens on other things as well, like creating a role or user and etc., it sometimes even happens when I click on menu buttons (in the dashboard) and wander around.

Once this server crashes, Openshift reboots it but everything I have done gets resetted, so I have to start from beginning. Could you please help?

pls up it is CRUCIAL for me…

=_= anyone pls… :smiley: does nobody use openshift

Maybe you should share more details about the problem.
Keycloak crashes on Openshift isn’t really describing the problem.
What do the logs say, what are the specs of the environment you are running on and so on.

Zonaut, thanks so much for the help, I am really newbie, and I do not really know how to look at logs, I could however look at the pod logs at Openshift dashboard before it crashed and it said JBossAS received KILL signal and that’s it. Then it restarts the container and logs reset too and all I can see is server starting lines. Maybe old logs are saved somewhere, but I do not know where. Anyway, after numerous trials of different solutions, I finally managed to get it running (or not crashing), I increased memory of POD from 512 Mi to 1 Gi and it works fine now.

The YAML file was the default and I hadn’t touched it at all before, so it is very weird that it couldn’t run with the specified memory, maybe it needs a help from development team.

The docs say at least 512M of RAM, maybe they should change this to 1GB because the environment or pod already contains other things that take memory.

Yeah, thanks a lot, btw if you are free can you have a look at my latest question/post…