Only display login form if user is not connected on identity provider

Hi all,

I’m new in the Keycloak’s world and I need some help to configure my login flow.

I’ve configured Keycloak to allow people to login with their ADFS account or with a ldap account.
ADFS Identity Provider is configured to use OpenID Connect.

When people connect to my application, they are redirected to Keycloak where they see a login form and a button to login through ADFS.

This work perfectly, but we would like people not to see that screen if they are already logged in on ADFS and only see the login form if they’re not connected in ADFS.

I changed the browser flow to use the Identity Provider Redirector first and then display the username password form, in this case the user is automatically logged in via ADFS, but if the user is not logged in, ADFS asks for a password and the user is not redirected to Keycloak .

Do you know how can we configure Keycloak to implement that flow?

I’m using Keycloak 11.0.0-alfresco-001 (keycloak 11 packaged by alfresco (as alfresco-identity-service) with a custom theme. The code is available on Alfresco’s github .

Here’s my browser flow configuration:

Thanks for your help :slight_smile: