Override exist endpoint - execute-actions-email

I want to add to the execute action email the redirectUri (the executeActionEmail get the redirectUri but don’t pass it as attribute to the html)
What I did is to override:

  1. create CustomUserResource which extend UserResource and override the execute action method (adding the redirectUri as attribute)
  2. create CustomUsersResource which extend UsersResource and override getUserResource to return my CustomUserResource
  3. implement AdminRealmResourceProvider and AdminRealmResourceProviderFactory to create CustomUsersResource

But when calling the executeActions it didn’t use my code.
When calling http://localhost:8080/admin/realms/[REALM_NAME]/[MY-SPI_ID]/[USERS_ID]/execute-actions-email?redirect_uri=redirect_uri&client_id=client_id
when using the providerId in the path it used my code, but I want the original path.
I try changing my provider id to be = “users” and give him order 1, but still it didn’t use my code.

Is there something I missing for override the exist end point? is it possible?

You can’t “override” built-in REST resources. You can build your own and call that.

If you just want to change what is passed to your email templates, you can implement a custom EmailTemplateProvider

  1. Is it document somewhere that it’s impossible to override the build it endpoint?
  2. This is the code in UserResource which execute the email:
public Response executeActionsEmail(@Parameter(description = "Redirect uri") @QueryParam(OIDCLoginProtocol.REDIRECT_URI_PARAM) String redirectUri,
                                        @Parameter(description = "Client id") @QueryParam(OIDCLoginProtocol.CLIENT_ID_PARAM) String clientId,
                                        @Parameter(description = "Number of seconds after which the generated token expires") @QueryParam("lifespan") Integer lifespan,
                                        @Parameter(description = "Required actions the user needs to complete") List<String> actions)
// some verifications
              .setAttribute(Constants.TEMPLATE_ATTR_REQUIRED_ACTIONS, token.getRequiredActions())
              .sendExecuteActions(link, TimeUnit.SECONDS.toMinutes(lifespan));

How having custom EmailTemplateProvider will help? how this code will send to the EmailTemplateProvider the redirectUri?