PKCE issue with https

I setup keycloak server provide openid for owncloud. now I met problem.
when I set openid auth with ‘http’ protocol, I can login into owncloud server, no any issue.
but I set same openid auth with ‘https’ protocol, I met PKCE error. I checked keycloak log, found more detail.
just woundering, is there somehing missing setting with keycloak, made http and https different.

06:01:52,315 WARN  [org.keycloak.protocol.oidc.endpoints.TokenEndpoint] (default task-60) PKCE code verifier not specified, authUserId = eadc68c1-d69e-4ff6-909c-9b411834b990, authUsername = hs

06:01:52,316 WARN  [] (default task-60) type=CODE_TO_TOKEN_ERROR, realmId=icep, clientId=owncloud, userId=eadc68c1-d69e-4ff6-909c-9b411834b990, ipAddress=, error=code_verifier_missing, grant_type=authorization_code, code_id=26e1d933-d311-4a42-a498-46fe60c1d1a3, client_auth_method=client-secret

another thing, in https, I login owncloud with openid by keycloak, the first time, met PKCE error, and then login again, can enter logined page directly without inputing username & password. it seemed token is working.