Possibility to get secret in public clients

Hi, I recently found a problem that allowed me to get secret from public clients.
To do this, I needed to open
where I see a secret field with a value that is in my database.

I did the same actions with other public clients in other realms and I also got their secrets

Since I can easily change the client type from public to private, this can create a security problem. And while I have not seen any warning not to do this in the documentation, I think that this is normal.

In the specification OAuth 2.0 Dynamic Client Registration Management Protocol I found that the secret should only be returned by confidential clients and I think this is correct

Do you think this is a security problem?
Can I hide my secret from Keycloak’s answer?

IMHO it can be vector to get client secret - Keycloak - Security

Thank you, I created a ticket based on your recommendation.
If it really could be a security issue, can we remove this question from the forum?