Renaming a custom spi - suggestions?

Hello all

I developed a custom storage provider for a specific purpose and therefore I named it accordingly.
Now the scope has changed and I’d like to give it a better name.
The issue is that now this provider is used in production on different realms and if I change its identifier the association will disappear.
By experience I’m afraid that the admin interface will break.

Do you have any suggestions on how I could smoothly deploy it without breaking user logins and admin interface?


As the ID is an ID, Keycloak will not recognize your extension, if the ID is different.

Either, stick to the ID, even when it does not fit exactly your desire.
Or, go to the database and change the values directly in the respective tables. But be careful, you can do harm to the system this way! Also only do it when Keycloak is shut down. Also, test it in an environment which you can throw away and built-up freshly again.
Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

Thanks. I thought about changing the value in the DB but it scares me a little.
I already experienced mistakes in this with the admin interface no longer responding and no helpful messages in the logs (that time was a missing authenticator but still references in the DB in an authentication flow).
I’m trying now a little dirty strategy: I created a copy of the User Storage Provider with the same name, I’m start configuring the realms with the copy but keeping the old one in lower priority, then I’ll start removing the old one from all config and eventually I will remove it.

That is the best approach => change to the new name, switch, then remove the old extension