REST CRUD operations from non-master realms?

I am trying to execute Keycloak CRUD operations via the REST API in non-master realms. Specifically, I can use the admin-cli client to execute all CRUD operations in the master realm, but not in any others. I tried altering the realm-management client to use it for REST calls, but I get a 403 for any and all CRUD operations.

Any ideas?



any ideas on this? I basically want a keycloak realm where I can execute CRUD operations against that realm only via the REST API. Otherwise, I need to allow clients to login to the master realm which I am trying to avoid for security purposes.

Create a service account (in the targeted realm) and ensure he has the right scope and rights (finale rights is a is a mix of both). to create a service account start by creating a client, then enable service account on it.
What have you tried?

cool, yeah, just had to tweak the admin-cli client and all’s good, thanks!