Roadmap for OpenJDK17 support

Hi @all,
how are the roadmap for OpenJDK 17 as the next LTS java version?
Keycloak 21.0.1 in main will work, but some functions will need an JavaScript engine. But the old default one Nashorn was removed under OpenJDK 17. So what will be the plan? Change the code, so that an JavaScript will not be needed, or suggest another engine? Or install Nashorn additional or bundle it with Keycloak?

I just came across this issue, realizing that KC21 didn’t have
a Javascript engine anymore.
I found the relevant part in the documentation
but I’m confused because I don’t build my javascript mappers etc
with maven, so I don’t have a pom.xml to add the engine dependency…
Any idea how that would work? At the moment I just zip the directory as
a JAR file in my CI…

I think, it is the way, when you built it from source, or develop your own provider.
But some parts of the default installation will require “Nashorn”, so I don’t understand why no script engine are included.