SSO does'nt work

Hello The SSO does’nt work between the different app using it.

These app are on the same realm.

It re-ask authentication for each app.

May be my reverse proxy/WAF is blocking some needed cookie but from my comprehension the only required cookie is Keycloak_SESSION and it is here …

Thank you for your help !

Your assumption is correct. Can you verify the cookie is being sent back to Keycloak? Beyond that, we’d need to see a lot more about your Client configurations in order to help you debug.

Hi @xgp, thanks for your quick reply, the cookie is in the auth?state request, it is the same cookie.

Here my keycloak conf:

The weird thing it the fact it restart a session each time I connect myself between the differents app:

Hey any news here ?

I am still strugglin on that issue !