SSO server apps , multi tab logout

We have several client applications that user get access based on the subscription. All client applications are defined under same realm.If user signed into a client application (protected by Keycloak) he can swithch to another client app (which is also protected by keycloak). What the user can see in each application depends on the role. I have configured each client separatly and it works fine.
What I wanted to implement is when a user loggs out of 1 broser , I would like the any other tabs that are previously open and connected also log him out. This need to happen with out any user interaction with the browser.may be a script running often to veify the state of ogin.

How can this be done?

I have the token geeting generated on the server sode with a redirect to keycloak lgin pae intially.
But checking the user logged in any other tab need to happen on the client side.

Depending on your applications (server-side or client-side (SPA) apps) there is the Backchannel Logout and the Frontchannel Logout. It‘s specified in the OIDC specs and Keycloak supports both of them.