Trying to create user in custom db to correspond the keycloak user

Hi! I hope everything is going well.
We do not want to bother you but we want to ask you for a little help to understand how the creation of users in the custom database is handled once the user is created in Keycloak.

We know that is created a client named Keycloak and this execution in the flow Custom Registration which allows to create the user in the Custom database. How was created that execution in the form flow? Is there any way to replicate this in a generic flow? The issue is that we are not being able to create an account in the custom database using an identity provider but with the custom registration and the user is being created in the keycloak users.

We need to comprehend how the user is being created in the database… We know that the user is being created in the final step of the custom flow with this execution in the form.

We believe that you have a better understanding of the Keycloak settings and we are a little bit stuck on this so we will greatly appreciate any help or support you can provide us! Let me know if you have some time to make a call or to double check this. Thanks in advance!