'Valid Redirect URIs' parameter in client configuration

Hi everyone.

I have keycloak server and app on the same server in my setup.
In help message for ‘Valid Redirect URIs’ i can see:
“Valid URI pattern a browser can redirect to after a successful login or logout. Simple wildcards are allowed such as 'http://example.com/’. Relative path can be specified too such as /my/relative/path/. Relative paths are relative to the client root URL, or if none is specified the auth server root URL is used. For SAML, you must set valid URI patterns if you are relying on the consumer service URL embedded with the login request.”

Can i use empty ‘Valid Redirect URIs’ or use some generic variable (like ${localhost}) to put ip of server as ‘Valid Redirect URIs’?


as far as I know you cannot use variables in that field, you need to insert the url that your browser is going to call your app with, for example, if you type in http://localhost/myapp, “http ://localhost/” will have to be inserted into a valid redirect uri field, you can insert multiple such urls so you’re not limited to one, you will also have to insert the domain name once you publish it in your test or production enviroment, if you don’t provide a redirect uri keycloak is going to throw an invalid redirect uri error and it will also tell you the uri that you are calling and you can simply take that and paste it there.
For now if you are testing you can insert simply “http ://localhost/" and "https ://localhost/” or “https ://*” or whatever the ip/url you are calling your application on