When is the "try another way" link activated?

I thought I had this one figured out before, but it’s not working as I remembered. Under what conditions is the “try another way” link activated in template.ftl? Under the browser forms, I have added another authenticator. Shouldn’t this add the “try another way” link?

Good question, I also don’t get it clear…
AFAIR this doesn’t work on “required” actions (as both are - required), but only on alternatives?
I once digged into the source code, it was somewhere down under… but it’s some time ago and I don’t know any more completely.
This should be better documented, IMHO.

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My reading of the code is similar (they must be both ALTERNATIVE). However, I cannot make “Username Password Form” alternative, so I can’t get it to work in this case.

Putting it in its own flow seems to work

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