Add Sentry to keycloak container

Hi folk. I’m a novice to java world. I’m trying to add the sentry sdk to keycloak container to track all the errors from my custom extensions. Java | Sentry Documentation What’s the best way to do so?
(Looks like I can create my own spi but I try to minimise the code needed to maintain in the future).

Sentry, Dynatrace, Lighstep, Jaeger, Zipkin, Tempo, New Relic, AWS X-Ray, Datadog, … - I wouldn’t use any vendor specific agent anymore. There is Open Telemetry standard for traces and you can export traces at the end to your favorite backend

So opentelemetry-java-instrumentation (which is running as Java agent - so no need to touch Keycloak source code, just config change) → OTEL collector with sentry exporter → Sentry. And you can change your tracing backend in the future anytime - again only exporter config change in the OTEL collector config.


Thanks! I would look into the way you recommended.