Keycloak 16.1.0: Unable to add SPI providers

Hi all.
I have a Keycloak 16.1.0 on VM and another one in docker container as staging.
In staging I edited the OIDCIdentityProvider.class file and rebuilt the keycloak-services-16.1.0.jar file, deployed it and copied it to the modules path. It works perfectly.
Then I copied the .jar file into the modules folder of the VM and the change has no effect.
After an analysis, I discovered that some SPI Providers are not present in the latter, and are present in the docker container version:

  • authenticator
    • auth-script-based
  • eventsListener
    • email
  • protocol-mapper
    • oidc-script-based-protocol-mapper

Maybe that’s the problem.
I would like to add these SPI procedures in Keycloak. Can you help me? Thank you.