Additional form pages to custom user registration flow

How do I add an additional form page to the user registration flow?
I extended the FormAuthenticatorFactory and in the admin console, I created a new registration flow and changed the binding to use the new flow.

But now, after the first page is validated successfully, I want the user to fill in additional details on a form on a second page. The registration is not complete until this step 2 is done.

So my question is which specific SPI’s should I implement and add to the registration flow? May be I’m missing something obvious but I can’t quite figure this out.



Hi @seth

Have you found a solution for your case? I’m looking at a verify similar case myself.

Thanks for your feedback.

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Looking forward to see a solution about this use-case

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Same case, did anynone find something ?

Same case for me, did anyone find something?

Same case for me, someone could help us? :frowning: