Allow multiple Google Identity providers in the same realm

So I’m using keycloak’s token exchange functionality. Basically I exchange a google token for a access token from keycloak and that’s what the backend understands.

But I cannot figure out a way to configure multiple Google OAuth2 clients in keycloak for the same realm, which is needed if you have multiple frontends (e.g. web, Android and iOS). In google each of those is a different OAuth2 client then while it would work for the web frontend, it wouldn’t work for Android or iOS.

Is there any workaround for this or it could be I don’t know how to configure it propertly.

On second thought, I guess it shouldn’t be needed that I register all google oauth2 clients in keycloak as in this case Keycloak is a client of google, right?

So even though they might use multiple oauth2 clients to run their login flow, keycloak has its own client and that’s why it works.

If anybody could comment on this, that would be nice, but I had to get my head around it just now.