Azure Ad as keycloak identity provider

I have configured keycloak with azure ad as OIDC identity provider.
When i login from my webapp, i get redirect to microsoft login page. After this login i see that i am automatically added as a user in keycloak. I see that keycloak uses specific identity provider Id and Identity provider username to do a match, i see that email is populated as identity provider username but i see a random UUID is populated as identity provider Id, I am unable to figure out how these values are populated and i cannot find this identity provider ID in Azure AD.

If i already have a user with same email id in keycloak when i login i am not able to create this user and it does not automatically sync this user.

I could not find any way that i can see the response sent from azure AD. let me know a way we can check this response from azure AD.

Any help would be greatly appreciable.