Can I log in an user's account on a website using an access token ?

Hi all,

I am looking for a solution to automatically log in a user on front (html/angularjs) using an access token.

This token was previously requested to Keycloak in order to call API of the back server (java spring).

Is it possible to do that ?

If it doesn’t, maybe the reverse operation is ?

Yes, you can just use the JS Adapter

When creating the adapter you can pass in the token of the user.

Hum, ok, interesting…

Thank for your reply.

I’ll try to implement this adapter initailizing it with, I see, token, refreshToken and idToken init options.

But, as I have a spring webapp behind, I’m douting about how to do this implementation.
Maybe a first html page using this js adapter in order to initialize session and a redirect to my app pages after successfull init.

I’ll try it.