Correct placement for for theme-resources?

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I’ve got a few .ftl templates I’m bundling with an extension in the src/main/resources/theme-resources/ directory, so that they can be used with by my extension independently of deploying a theme with it. I’m trying to find out if messages properties files are supported with this approach, but I can’t figure out where to put them so they get picked up. I tried src/main/resources/theme-resources/messages/, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

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Did you solve it?
I did this in a recent project exact the same way you mentioned and it works. So, I think it‘s the correct way to do it. :man_shrugging:

Hm. It’s not picking it up. I will simplify things to see if something else I am doing is messing with the default.

Don’t know if you solved your issue or if it’s still valid…
But I recognized something similar yesterday in my environment (17 Quarkus):

As soon as I have more than one custom JAR deployment with a, e.g., file, only the one from the JAR which is loaded first will be used. Any other file from JARs which will be loaded afterwards will be ignored, as there is already a custom `messages_en.properties_ loaded and available in the classpath.

So, if you have multiple custom provider JARs containing several, only the first will be considered. Either you’ll have to deploy all providers together in one JAR with one or you’ll have to overwrite the keys in a custom theme which isn’t deployed via JAR, but in the folder structure directly.


Thanks for following up on this. I still see the same behavior you describe. I’ll test to see if it’s deployment order that causes the override. Do you think we should submit a bug report for this?

Don’t know if this is really a “bug”, but at least an “unpleasant behavior” :wink:
We can try to start a discussion first and then see how the team responds (if).

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Hello !

I am having a similar issue with “” files not loaded in some cases.

I have 3 custom JARs, all of them containing theme-resources/messages/ files, deployed on my Keycloak (v15.1.1) :

  • One is a module “lib” (CM1), placed into keycloak/modules/fr/mygroup/mylib/main/
  • The second is a custom authenticator (CM2) deployed in keycloak/standalone/deployments
  • The third is a also a custom authenticator (CM3) deployed in keycloak/standalone/deployments. It uses CM1 as a module dependency.

I have done some tests :

  • When I use CM3 in my authentication flow, the of CM3 is not found (still the key CM3-KEY on the page).
  • If I declare the CM3-KEY on the of CM1, then I see the value on the page !
  • If I declare the CM3-KEY on the of CM2, with another value, then it’s this value that I see on the page.
  • The CM3-KEY on the of CM3 never appears.
  • If I remove CM2, it still the CM1 value that is visible.

It seems, in my case, the problem appears only when a custom jar use another custom jar as a dependency. To me, this behavior sounds like a bug.

It’s problematic because I have many custom jar that can be used without specific theme. If I have to put messages of a custom JAR into a “lib” JAR, the dependencies goes bidirectional and it’s not what I expects.


Then you should open an issue here.