Custom Account Page

Hello, I need advice…
Can I make custom Account Page to say with React and implement change username and password, remove sessions… and all other features based on API and some other that I need?

So basically user login on original Keycloak Login Page, edit data on my React Account Page and update it on keycloak with API.

I want to extend Account Page to add user image, delete profile and another things just to get centralised Account Page.

I think about to create new account client and to make account app with react and keycloak javascript adapter, just cannot get all API for account, password, authenticator, sessions…


Keycloak provides an Admin REST API:

Ref: Getting started with Keycloak

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I would suggest creating a back-end where you can create your own REST API design for your account pages. Your back-end can communicate with the Keycloak REST API in a secure way.


There’s a REST API for account management in development.
There’s also a new account management app in development, based on React.

Release version of both is not yet clear, but resources are already contained in Keycloak, but must be activated through a profile.


Thank you all, of cource I saw Admin API.
I thought there was some direct API for Account data and to mix it with new one.
This way need to make basically same functionality API like a medium for change password, sessions and profile data.

So now to disable account client completely. make new server and to implement all functions.

Just one question more, for the Authenticator…
I saw only Remove TOTP from the user, so briefly how to implement that option in a proper way on my server?