Customize themes with react

Is there a way to use react to implement a custom login page? Has anyone done this?

I have to implement a login page that differs greatly from the default login theme. So as I understand it, I would have to recreate much of the .ftl files from the base theme. I would prefer to use a more standard front-end stack. Please, let me know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I’d suggest to have a look into the new preview of the account management app that’s in 11.0.2 - there’s a tech change related to react.

In general it’s possible when you look at the model authenticators are built.
Every Authenticator has two methods - one would generate the form for the user to fill in, one absorbs the input of the user. And as an alternative to web there is the cli interaction with the same authenticators - the cli commands just perform rest requests against the server.
In my mind your react frontend would be an alternative leveraging the “cli” approach (possibly even on a different server) but deliver a frontend like the ftl stuff internal to the server today.
I am not so much a frontend guy to qualify more.

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somebody has very enthusiastically built a solution to develop Keycloak themes using react:

Just thought it should get a reference on this forum: