Enforcing routes based on URL parameter


How can I use keycloak.enforce() based on an parameter provided in the URL?

The Keycloak server is set up so that if I send a hardcoded resource ID to keycloak.enforcer(), it enforces correctly. How can I get it to enforce on a dynamic ID?

With Typescript / Express routing and the keycloak-connect module:

 path: "/companies/:orgid",
 method: "get",
 handler: [
 keycloak.enforcer(req.params.orgid),  // <-- How to get hold of the req object so we can send it to keycloak?
async ( req: Request,res: Response): Promise<void> => {
 // enforcer approved the token, handle logic here

The other option I’m exploring is to try to protect the route by using keycloak.protect() and evaluating the response from the enforcer, but how can I do that?

Protect route by:

export const protectByOrgID = (token: Token, req: Request): boolean => {
const rh: RequestHandler = keycloak.enforcer(req.params.orgid);
console.log(rh.toString()); // returns the function from enforcement function
// How to evaluate the RequestHandler returned from keycloak.enforcer() and return true or false?

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@ robertwinter Did you ever sort this out? I thought I had a working solution, but even if protectByOrganization returns false, it doesn’t automatically send a 403 “Access Denied” response, unfortunately. I have a feeling it makes sense to just do this without Keycloak.

function protectByOrganization(token, req) {
    console.log('*** protectByOrganization: req.params -->', req.params)
    // Do your checks in here.

router.param('organizationId', function (req, res, next, value, param { 
    keycloak.protect(protectByOrganization(req.kauth.grant.access_token, req)