"Forbidden"-Error when accessing User Management


we are trying to configure an admin user with just enough rights to manage users in the admin console. Therefore we assigned to him the role realm-management > manage-users.
When we try to access the admin console via https://[host]/auth/admin/[realm]/console/#/realms/[realm]/users following error page is displayed:


angular.js:13630 GET https://[host]/auth/admin/realms/[realm]/localization/en 403 (Forbidden)

“Go to the home page”-link leads to the functional admin console.

Thank you in advance for any help.


We faced the same issue for master realm users having the minimal required permissions to just manage other realm users. Looks like a bug to me. The problem is resolvable by giving the ‘view-realm’ role to a user but I’d rather not assign additional permissions just to workaround this issue.


issue is registered Error while trying to access to admin console when logged user has only manage-users and view-users roles · Issue #249 · keycloak/keycloak-community · GitHub