Free, simple, CSS login themes

Hi all,

Weekend present! We created 3 CSS-only login themes as a starter and example for beautifying the Keycloak login experience. We did these as part of building and testing the Phase Two Themes extension, which allows installing of CSS themes through our custom Admin UI (or as a Realm attribute). We’ve also packaged them in our Keycloak theme template project on GitHub, so you can use them as a basis for your own custom theme without our extension.

For those of you using the Phase Two enhanced Keycloak distribution, you can test them out directly in the ExtensionsStyles portion of the Admin UI. There’s a blog post on how to customize Keycloak login pages using this method.

For everyone else, use the jar created in our Keycloak theme template project in your own Keycloak’s providers/ dir.

The CSS files are free of any copyright or license restrictions (as “Public Domain” as is possible).

Hope you enjoy, and have a great week!

Some screenshots below: