frontendURL breaks the admin console


I have successfully installed Keycloak in standalone mode using the TAR GZ archive available on the Keecloak official Webpage.

I’m trying to follow the security best practices described in the Keycloak admin guide.

The guide strongly encourage administrators to specify the frontendURL of Keycloak for security reason.

I have setup a DNS entry in my company for the Keycloak server :

When the server is running, I can access the admin console of Keycloak using the following URL :

h t t p://

However, if I configure the frontendURL variable in order to secure my installation, I can no longer access the admin console of Keycloak.

standalone.xml file before the change :

“frontendUrl” value="${keycloak.frontendUrl:}"/> **

standalone.xml file after the change :

“frontendUrl” value=“h ttp://”/>

The link to admin console has changed to :

Since the server is not configured to listen on port 80, the connection to this URL fails.

Why did Keycloak remove the default port 8080 from the link ?

Thank you very much.

try adding fronturl in this format
h ttp://