Getting Error with Keycloak in docker container


I’m quiet new to keycloak and I followed the instructions from here to install keycloak in a docker container.

After that I configured keycloak as described here

Then I downloaded the example from here

Now my problem is that I can’t login with the sample app because I always get the following error:

Cannot POST /realms/<myRealm>/login-actions/authenticate

The developer tools f the browser shows the following:


May be the following has to do wiht this error:
When I’m redirected from my app to the Keycloak Login-Mask I get an unstyled/pure Login-Mask (without CSS). The developer tools shows the following:

After investigating more than 2 days I have no ideas where the problem is.
I hope you can help me.



I got it working.
I had set the “Frontend URL” of the realm :man_facepalming:

When I remove this, everything works as expected.