Redirection issues while using Keycloak for a web app single sign on

We have a Admin URL (Web app landing page), we use Keycloak Docker image. This is deployed on Kubernetes cluster.
When I hit the Admin URL, the page return blanks.
To test, disabled the Admin URL, and hit the Keycloak URL, I am able to login to Keycloak and it redirects me to the Admin URL successfully.
Need to understand where the issue is? Is it from the Cluster level or is it Keycloak. Below is the configuration file for your reference

export const environment = {
production: true,
encryptPassword: false,
encryptAdminApiRequest: false,
clientUrl: '',
adminUrl: '',
testUrl: '',
## The keyCloak URL loginUrl: '',
uamRedirectUrl: '[](',
templatyzeUrl : '',