getUserSessionWithPredicate (xxxxx): found, but predicate doesn't pass


We have KeyCloak connected to an external Infinispan.

Now when we shut down Keycloak and start it again, we thought it should synchronize (retrieve) the data again from the Infinispan, which was not shut down.

But it tells in the log:
getUserSessionWithPredicate(xxxxx): found, but predicate doesn’t pass

Is Keycloak able to retrieve those data? Is there any sync time which can or should be configured?

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I can now solve this by myself.
After using Keycloak 12.0.4 the problem is fixed. So seems KeyCloak 11.0.2 having a problem with cross datacenter or at least when using more than one instance. (even with CacheOwners>1)

Remember, at least one instance of keycloak must be left active.