How do I customize the resources(CSS,JS etc.) in the themes

I need help on how to customize the Login and the Registration page.
I have created a new theme by extending it from Base Theme.
I flowed the Docs step by step still I am unable to change the appearance by modifying CSS And JS
Now I am unable to distinguish which major classes are used to change the appearance of the pages.
It would be a great help if someone can help me out

Thanks in advance.

Have you disabled caching? Otherwise you have to stop and start the service in order to see your changes. You might have to stop and start the service anyway in order to see CSS changes. Some time ago there was an issue logged in JIRA about CSS remaining cached despite these settings, I’m not sure it’s current status.


Also, ensure you’ve set the theme in the realm and/or client.

Yes, I have disabled the caching. I also have restarted the services just to be sure.
and I also have set the theme in both realm and client. Although I can see the changes done in the Registration page(Custom attribute).
Yet the changes regarding the CSS were not reflected.
Just to be extra sure I even tried to do exactly as said in the Docs

This was also not reflected.

Static files like css, images, js, … are also cached in .../standalone/tmp/kc-gzip-cache/.... And of course, in your browser.