How to set database address?

I’m currently trying to run keycloak in docker with an external database.
I’m following this link: Keycloak - Server - Running Keycloak in a container

I keep getting a “Connection to localhost:5432 refused” error but I never set my database address to localhost and I actually don’t see a database address env variable.
The only variable I see that could set the database address is KC_DB_URL and it’s set to the correct postgres container name.

So how do I actually set the database address in this new Quarkus version?
Is there any documentation or reference about these environment variables? I found a lot but for the WildFly version.

I got it working by using this URL format: jdbc:postgresql://my-postgresql-host:5432/keycloak-database-name. It is described when you click to expand the db-url config option in the docs, which is a little bit hidden.

Using these settings worked for me (using MariaBD):
KC_DB: mariadb
KC_DB_URL: jdbc:mariadb://ip or container name:3306/keycloak
KC_DB_USERNAME: keycloak
KC_DB_PASSWORD: your password