How to trigger the "update password" page in keycloak for users


I want to open the default “update password” page in keycloak for a user triggered via a link in the App.
The app is added via OIDC and their specific client.
The code from the account-pages where it says “update password” i was not able to re-use as this is some angular magic.

This is the URL I would need:


How to generate this tab_id? How to open the update page?

another try was:


Not sure if there is missing a redirect param?

as a workaround we send reset-password mails via API. But that is not what we want to achieve. Thanks!

Try this one:

This should initiate an update password flow. If the user is not yet authenticated, the login screen will occur first, then the update password screen comes and afterwards the user should be redirected to your client app.

that worked perfectly.