Howto start Keycloak 12 on JDK8

Hi all,

– Update –

It looks like, I can run 12 fine on my PC, using OpenJDK 1.8.0_275 amd64, but not on the server, which has OpenJ9 1.8.0_261 ppc64.

If anyone has any ideas, they would be much appreciated.

– Original –

Keycloak 12 states it can run with OpenJDK 1.8.

But it seems to require module-path in the startup script.

I can’t figure out, how to start it on Java 8, searching the forums for JDK8 or module-path did not yield me much, so I am looking for any clues on how to proceed, as I can’t run JDK higher than 8 on the machine.

What is log output whent you try to start it, and how are you starting it ?

No log output, the java executable simply refuses to start with the arguments given, and -server -mp seem to be the main culprits.
I don’t believe this is a problem of keycloak, but of the java executable running on this system.

I have since been able to install an openj9 jdk-11, and using it specifically to it boot keycloak, and that works.

Edit: I start it using ./bin/

||System||Release     ||JDK                  ||Arch. ||Can run||
|*IBM i* |*7.4*        |*OpenJ9 11.0.6-ea**   |*ppc64*|*Yes*  |
|IBM i   |7.4          |OpenJ9 8.261          |ppc64  |No     |
|Linux   |4.18         |OpenJ9 8.282          |ppc64le|Yes    |
|Linux   |5.8          |OpenJ9 8.262          |x64    |Yes    |
|Linux   |5.8          |OpenJ9 8.282 (Current)|x64    |Yes    |
|Linux   |5.8          |OpenJDK 8 LTS         |x64    |Yes    |
|Linux   |5.8          |OpenJDK 11 LTS        |x64    |Yes    |

Runtime environments I’ve tested during this.