Imported User entries get deleted

Hi All,

I am facing a weird issue and need assistance please.

When I import users using ldap user federation, I can search for and find the imported user in the users tab in the UI. I can also see the user in the USER_ENTITY table on the DB.

However once I click on the user the user gets deleted I get a Network response was not OK. error on the UI and then I see SQL delete statements in the logs and then I also see this in the logs [] (executor-thread-45) Removed invalid user ‘xxxxxx’

I can’t figure out why the user get deleted. When I search for the user again in the users view on the UI the same user gets recreated with a new USER_ID and then if I try to click on it in the UI the delete statement just happens again

ANY HELP will really be appreciated!

Not sure how to close this, But I got it working.

It looks like it’s a bug User deletion and recreating in local database when timeout in LDAP · Issue #9520 · keycloak/keycloak · GitHub

I changed UUID LDAP attribute from objectGUID to sAMAccountName