KeyCloak 17.0.0

To whom this may concern,

I’m impressed with the new version of Keycloak 17.

The documentation was a little difficult but manage to get through the new instructions on HowTo. The Wow factor for me was connecting it to MySQL, the older way was so tedious. Once I understood Quarkus operates it was a breeze. I think it took me 15 minutes up and running.

I should have mention the instruction used was the Bare metal installation guide. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to use localhost so my configuration were made for production installation.

Only question I have is there any instructions/documentation for creating a service to run Keycloak or do I have to execute a script every time I reboot?

Any advice would be appreciated.

This works as a service, but it seams nasty. I’m open for a newer way.

ExecStart=/opt/keycloak-17.0.0/bin/ start --https-certificate-file=/opt/keycloak-17.0.0/localhost.pem --https-certificate-key-file=/opt/keycloak-17.0.0/localhost-key.pem --https-protocols=TLSv1.3,TLSv1.2 --db-url-host= --db-url-database=keycloak --db-username=keycloak --db-password=keycloak --hostname-strict-backchannel=true

I don’t think there is anything wrong with that approach … I just would move all the startup parameters from the “ExecStart=” line into a config file in your Keycloak subfolder “conf” so that you have better visibility and control.

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Thank you for the reply.
Good idea :+1:

I didn’t think of that.