Keycloak 17 upgrade


Where can I find relevant information about the update to keycloak 17? And when I mean by relevant info is docker-compose variables.

My setup is 2 keycloak instances, on different machines, one external DB, behind a proxy and the access is done via DNS. ( the same DNS on both ) because I also want to have HA between 2 Keycloak instances.


On the Keycloak Website!?
There is the new “Guides” section, where you can find everything. There’s a “Migration Guide”, there are several guides for configuring hostnames, proxy usage, etc. And there’s the “All Config” Guide, where all config values are documented, as property names, cli argument names and env var names…

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Is there also how to configure a separate datasource for accessing data on another legacy DB from my User Storage Provider? It’s this the main problem for me now.