Keycloak 25: Only first required action is executed

In Keyclaok 25, there is an issue with the execution of required actions.

When some actions don’t use the processAction method, the execution of the next required action is skipped.

For example, when a user has two required actions: Verify Email and Update Password. During the login process, after authentication, the first required action is executed: Verify Email.

When the user confirms their email by clicking the action link in the verification message, the email status is set as verified, and the user is redirected to the app

But there is still the ‘Update Password’ action which should be executed, but it was not.

To execute the skipped required action, the user has to go through the SSO roundtrip once again.

More details:
Required Actions order

User with assigned Required Actions:

When the user logs in, will see the ‘verify email’ screen.
Additionally, the user receives a message with a link for email confirmation.

When the user clicks on the email confirmation link, the email will be marked as verified, and the user will be redirected to the application. (The ‘Update Password’ required action won’t be executed.)

Issue was introduced by

Well, thanks for reporting it and also creating an issue for this in GitHub. But why do you repeat all the information here? Do you have special question which you want to ask? I can’t find any in your posts…
If your issue contains all the information, just posting the link here for letting others know, is enough. Providing here additional information to your issue won’t be seen by the Keycloak team as the maintainers don’t read here, and even if, this (community!) forum won’t be used as an information base.
Thanks for your understanding.