Keycloak Admin Console + NGINX

Hi All,
I was configuring Keycloak which run in my local
Since I want to make it as a Secured website, I installed NGINX and configure the server key inside the NGINX, and then i proxy pass to my Keycloak

It is working fine when my clients application try to connect into my https Keycloak.
But when I try to login to my admin console. It will give me an error redirect url is not valid.
So what I did is I go to the admin console client and then add my https Keycloak as a valid redirect url. -> it is working, error message is gone.

But when I login into the admin console. it keep on reloading the page, and then show a different url while reloading.

Did anyone stumble on this error before?

Did you follow server installation instructions ?

For example:

Configuring your proxy to generate the X-Forwarded-For and X-Forwarded-Proto HTTP headers and preserving the original Host

Thanks sir, I just add it as in the documentation and it is working now. (how can i missed out that :frowning_face:)