Keycloak Custom Themes Modification

I have gone through most of the articles, YouTube videos, and even the topics on this website regarding custom themes. What I can conclude that is it is very easy to change it.
My query is can I have a custom button that when triggered will call a backend API in the keycloak login form?
What I am trying to achieve is, I want a button called “Sign in with SSO” which when clicked on needs to show a form prompting for user email input after which the redirection will happen based on the User’s configured IDP ( Okta, OneLogin, etc )

I would recommend looking a this extension which solves the problem you have indicated. GitHub - sventorben/keycloak-home-idp-discovery: Keycloak: Home IdP Discovery - discover home identity provider or realm by email domain


Thanks for the Link , I’ll look into it

Although it’s a different concept in itself it will solve my requirement. But the query I had was can I have a custom button called “Click-me”, when clicked on will open a pop-up window showing “Hello-world”?
I am trying to achieve the login page which is similar to Postman.