Keycloak Admin Interface Modifications

Looking for some guidance on how to personalize the keycloak admin interface. Outside of the style sheets is a manner to modify the look and feel of the interface itself? If I want to remove certain sections, rearrange or rename areas, etc.

All I can find is the ability to modify the colors and logos in the style sheets but can’t find where or even if its possible to restructure the interface to align with our expectations or corporate look and feel design or references that are more common to our vocabulary.


You might be better suited to create your own admin system including only the functionality you need using the API - Keycloak Admin REST API

Restrict access to the main Keycloak admin interface and only use that for rare changes for bits that you haven’t exposed in your own custom admin. It will also make upgrading easier and ensure you will always have the latest functionality and bug fixes in place in the core Keycloak admin area.

Someone much more experienced than me with Keycloak might be able to advise otherwise though!

The Admin UI can be themed. You have full access to override the .ftl templates, not just css.

Documentation on Theming is here: Server Developer Guide

A starter template for developing a theme: GitHub - xgp/keycloak-theme-template: Starter for building a Keycloak theme

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@xgp Thank you for the developers link. Not sure thats exactly what I am looking for.

I guess more specifically is the admin interface available and exposed to us in the code? Beyond the style sheets and templates do we have the code for the interface in what is provided in the source? Im asking because I can’t seem to find it and wondering if Im just missing it or is it being integrated and protected by the keycloak parent?

Admin theme code is here: keycloak/themes/src/main/resources/theme/base/admin at master · keycloak/keycloak · GitHub

You can override what you want by importing the .ftl templates, or .js, or whatever to your custom theme like the example in the theme template I linked to.

Let me know if I’m not understanding your question, and, if so, please provide some detail as to what you’re trying to achieve.