Keycloak upgrade to 16.1.0 fails

I am trying to migrate keycloak from 11 to 16.1.0 and fails with, the following error … I have removed all smallrye entries in standalone.xml, how can I see a more detailed error message?

i use the standalone migration script

bin/ --file=bin/migrate-standalone.cli

*** WARNING ***

** If the following embed-server command fails, manual intervention is needed.
** In such case, remove any <extension> and <subsystem> declarations referring
** to the removed smallrye modules from the standalone.xml file and rerun this script.
** For details, see Migration Changes section in the Upgrading guide.
** We apologize for this inconvenience.

Cannot start embedded server: WFLYEMB0021: Cannot start embedded process: JBTHR00005: Operation failed: WFLYSRV0056: Server boot has failed in an unrecoverable manner; exiting. See previous messages for details.

Is it possible that standalone does not have correct XML? Parsing issue?

hmm I have copied the whole standalone folder from 11 keycloak version to the new server 16 and removed smallrye entries as written in the upgrade instructions

how can i increase the log level of the migration script … looks it fails here

embed-server --server-config=standalone.xml

Then definitely something is missing that is needed for version 16 to run, as the standalone file has changed. (Also version of wildly stuff like infinispan and other also changed) Try comparing standalone files from 11 and 16 and just modify version 16 with what you have in version 11, like Postgres configuration, infinispan configuration, custom SPI’s, and other staff that you may change in version 11.

Ah I see the migration script is not able to handle upgrade to 16 … ok will try manual approach thnx

You only need to change the standalone that you are using, I presume standalone-ha, and that is it.