Keycloak v2 account theme

Hello everyone,

I want to extend the v2 theme of account console because v1 is now deprecated.
I have found only one reference to extend this theme here : keycloak-quickstarts/extend-account-console at latest · keycloak/keycloak-quickstarts · GitHub
Is it the official documentation ?
Why it seems so much difficult compared to v1 where we just need to setup our ftl and some css. Maybe i misunderstand something but i don’t find other documentations.
My first need is to modify the nav-bar

thanks in advance

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That is the only documentation I am aware of. As far as I can tell, the v2 account console (nor the v2 admin console) wasn’t really designed for extensibility in the way that the original ftl/css versions were. You’re essentially choosing to take their react app and customize it, using the same account APIs, but which doesn’t have the same kind of convenient “override only what you want” behavior.

For my implementations of both the account and admin consoles, I just built a react app from scratch that reused a little bit of the code for interacting with the APIs, but nothing else.

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Thanks for your response.

They want to remove the old account theme in v19 but it seems pretty early and I don’t understand the logic of this decision, it make it more difficult to extend the server.
Now you need to understand java + react + freemarker and other basic things like javascript, html, css.

Maybe i have to learn react now ^^
I will see if they add documentation about it in future. I hope they will not go to react for other themes.
Have nice day

I’m sorry to report that the plan seems to be to use React for all the themes. The admin v2 theme is also switching to React soon, and I have seen chatter on the mailing list and GithHub that indicates the same will happen to the login theme.

I have already had the discussion with several customers about the upcoming removal of the old account theme. Given many of them are using custom account themes that inherit from the old account theme, I will probably maintain an extension (at least for a while) that makes it possible to continue using their “legacy” themes for a while.

I had the same problem as you, and I had to learn React for this purpose. I used some tutorials to start my learning that use the same style/component library that is used in the Keycloak themes here: PatternFly 4 • React

Do you have some usefull link to share ?
I have found a lot of site that purpose to learn react but maybe some are better.
Thanks or your reply

Ehm, the new account theme is already there for quite a while. AFAIR since KC12, approx. 1,5 years.

I know it’s been a while.
But today, we have only one resource that speak about it and how to extend it. This lack of documentation says it all for me. Users can’t adhere new features or improvements without it.
My concern is how handy keycloak is now and how it will be in future.

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Might be a reasonable concern.
But don’t forget that Keycloak is an OSS which you can use free of charge. Red Hat doesn’t earn any money from the community users.
They are open for contributions from the community. So, if you feel that there should be anything different than today, you are welcome to participate in discussions, coding, etc. The GitHub repo is a good place for this to start.

And additionally for the account stuff:
There is the account API which you can use to build your own account application. This approach might in 99% of all cases the faster and more efficient way of “customizing” the account self-service stuff of Keycloak.

Thanks for your response.
I don’t really participate for the moment but sometimes check discussions. I think that i need to do my part too :slight_smile:
I will have a try to customize and extend the documentation that is findable.

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