Keycloak Wildfly Openshift

Hi Guys,

I am working with a friend to put another Wildflt 18.0.1.Final JSF project onto Openshifts public cloud offering (Quarkus ae still dragging the chain on supporting JSF).


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Getting the Wildfly 18.0.1.Final + ?Keycloak 8.0.1(or .2) image was a problem (can someone please point us at one - s2i?) … but we found one that MAY be the right one…

There is Wildfly doco that says Wildfly 18.0.1.Final is already “configured” for Keycloak… but I am very dubious as I don’t think it is… as code that works locally with the Adapter fails with ClassNotFound errors on Openshift.

So; we installed Keycloak server and tried to find documentation that, in any way, matches how to set up the local dev environment:

  1. Install Wildfly
  2. Install Keycloak (see the quickstart)
  3. “install” the adapter over Wildfly Server
  4. Run the script from /bin in Wildfy to edit the standalone.xml so JEE Security uses Keycloak
    5 Copy in the “chunk” that you get from inside keycloak into standalone.xml
  5. fiddle with web.xml:


    HEY PRESTO (I may have missed something; but this mostly covers it)!
    To no avail… thee was some doco that mentioned .json files and I have NONE of those locally AT ALL on my local “working” project.

We set up pods for Postgres and another Postgres for Keycloak and connected it all together.

We are still struggling to get the App Pod working due to it not running up due to Keycloak issues.

Please can anyone point us to an Image and some Docs?

It’s as if there should be an image with Wildfly 18.0.1.Final with Keycloak adapter installed (or some destructions on how to add it) and then probably docs to say how to run some post script to “fiddle”…

My plan B was to install wildfly and copy over the standalone.xml from my local server and alter that; but i think we just cant get a decent image of Wildfly+Keycloak stable enough to even run up on.

I believe we are using openJDK11