Keycloak with multiple-domains showing in the DNS

Hey everyone.

I have a situation here - we got a legacy project, that uses a 2016 keycloak version (which we will update soon), but then, theres the deal:

  • Right now, we have our system running like blabla com. Everyone who joins through there, the DNS shows as blabla com.

  • Recently, we added a code that when someone logs from blabla2 com, it will redirect you and connect to our system. But shows as blabla com, just a simple redirect made in both sites, where the login site gives a parameter that our system recognize, authorize and do some visual modifications (favicon, logos, etc)

  • Now, they want then they log into our system through Blabla2 .com, the DNS shows up as, not

We are actually working with Java 8, AngularJS, Wildfly, etc. So far, I can’t get around this situation to shows up the DNS from the original login.

Anyone has any idea how to proceed with that, and how keycloak can help/should be configurated for that?

Thanks in advance!

hi will you please guide me how to map keycloak dns, as my infra is google kubernetes and my app is in react.js with spring boot framework, i have tried alot to map keycloak dns but no luck