Login-status-iframe status code 500, raspberry pi

I’m working with a javascript implementation of keycloak. We are having an issue on log in with login-status-iframe returning error code 500, which gets us stuck. We can’t reliably reproduce the error, and so far it has only happened when our application has been running on a raspberry pi in a chromium browser, this could just be a coincidence though. When checking through the difference of a successful and an unsuccessful request, there are no differences, besides they cookies being updated.

While debugging I figured that the error persists, even when cookies are deleted and a new login is performed, unless i deleted the “AUTH_SESSION_ID” cookie specifically.

Has anybody experienced something similar or do you have any good ideas what might be causing our problem?

Turned out this issue was related to “Remember me”. When a user has a username that contains a character such as “ø”, which is not allowed in cookies, the cookie that is responsible for saving the username saves a wrong value, this makes keycloak go bananas and throws back an error code 500 and eventually lands you in “internal server error”.

So if you are using usernames instead of emails, beware of using characters that can’t be used in cookies.

I added an issue about this to Keycloak’s redhat.