Migration strategy

Hi all,

I have a customer who have keycloak 11.0.3 and he wants to migrate to 17.0.1 release

It’s a bare metal deployment on virtuals machines with terraform and ansible playbook (keycloak, postgresql, consul).

What is the best strategy for achieve this objective ?

Do you think that i can migrate release by release like this:

11.0.3 → 12.0 ->13.0 → 14.0 → 15.0 → 16.0 → 17.0.1

Or deploy a new keycloak directly with the version 17.0.1 and restore the database from 11.0.3 plateform

Thanks a lot for your responses, i’m new about keycloak and english is not my first language


Normally, there’s no reason against a direct migration to the most recent target version.
Working DB backup and restore assumed.
Pay attention to custom SPIs/extensions.
If you use 17-Quarkus, pay attention to totally changed configuration and deployment.
If you use 17-Legacy, you have to migrate latest in a few months to Quarkus anyway.

Ok , so for you there is problem to migrate 11.0.3 to 17.0.1 directly.

Thanks a lot.

for me, there is NO problem…!!!

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