No access_token from server error, with Azure B2C using OIDC

Hi there,
I am trying to connect through OpenID Connect v1.0 to instance of Azure B2C. I have configured the endpoints for the signin flow as indicated on the Azure platform and set Client ID and Client Secret and finally the Redirect URI provided by Keycloak. I execute the login for the realm but after having correctly executed the login in the Azure B2C login form, Keycloak returns an error “Unexpected error when authenticating with identity provider” with status 502. In the log I see then

ERROR [] (default task-29) Failed to make identity provider oauth callback: No access_token from server.

It seems that the access_token is missing, or maybe that there is, but in a different way than expected.
Can someone help?


How did you solve this error ?

I have the same error, did you found a solution?